Project Description

Hejle is a creative puzzle game created by Hafsang game studio in 4 days. The game idea came from an old school puzzle game: Lemmings. The goal of the game is to convey the bridal chamber from the initial point to the groom. Different characters help the player to accomplish this task. Player should click on characters to trigger their ability. Some characters and their ability is listed below:
   * Devotee: Player can use a devotee to pass a pit.
   * DJ: When a DJ starts to play a song all the other characters except goat will stand where they are and begin to dance with him.
   * Goat: A goat is very useful when a danger approaches. For example a crocodile will move away if player give him a goat.
Special thanks to Hadi Zolfaghari for his great work with Unity 3D game engine and Also Sara Emami and Mahdi Tabatabaei for their innovative art work.

  • Role

    Game Designer, Project Manager

  • Team Size


  • Duration

    4 Days

  • Year