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    A tool for Interactive labelling of a multivariate dataset for supervised machine learning

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    Smart Home

    With smart home mobile application (D!office) one can easily manage his home with his mobile phone

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    Bakery Chronicles

    A popular and award winning game, created by Hafsang. With more than 5K DAU

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    Paper Princess

    A creative game in gnere of tower defence, created by Hafsang

Small games

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    Hejle (Bridal Chamber)

    Hejle is a creative puzzle game, created by Hafsang in 4 days

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    iPokhtam (it's hot!)

    iPokhtam is a creative tower help(!) game, created by Hafsang in 2 days

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    Toop (Ball) is a casual game created by Hafsang and published in Google Play

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    Save the Stars!

    Nejat won the 2nd place in Iran Game Development Contest 2013

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    Knock Knock

    A simple casual game, created by Hafsang

Open Source

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    Github-Twitter crawler

    A simple crawler, written in Java to link github and twitter accounts

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    3D Image reconstruction

    Reconstruct a 3D model, using 2D images from different angels of a same object, written in Matlab.

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    CE Chess

    A simple Java chess game, developed by Mohammad Chegini. You can find the source code in github. Written in Java and Swing