Year Type/Location Topic Video Slides
2018 Cyberworlds conference, Singapore (presenting colleagues paper) A Benchmark for Distance Measurements
2018 EuroVis conference, Brno, Czech (speaker) Interactive Visual Exploration of Local Patterns in Large Scatterplot Spaces
2018 AVI workshop, Grosseto, Italy (speaker) Toward Multimodal Interaction of Scatterplot Spaces Exploration
2017 UX Day, Graz, Austria (speaker) Collaborative Touch Interaction for Visual Analytics
2017 FMT conference, st. Pölten, Austria (speaker) Interaction Concepts for Collaborative Visual Analysis of Scatterplots on Large Vertically-Mounted High-Resolution Multi-Touch Displays
2017 ECGBL conference, Graz, Austria (presenting colleagues paper) Determining the Interrelationship Among Player Engagement Features in Game-Based Vocabulary Learning